Move Over Butter Boards! It’s Time for Chocolate Boards

We all know about cheese boards, charcuterie boards, and the latest trend, butter boards.  But what about a chocolate board? A chocolate board is a type of dessert platter that is similar to a traditional charcuterie board, but instead of featuring meats, cheeses, crackers, and other savory items, it is filled with an assortment of chocolate treats, sweets, and confections. This could include items such as chocolates, truffles, chocolate-covered fruits, cookies, brownies, and other similar sweets. The idea is to create a visually appealing and delicious spread of sweet treats that can be enjoyed as a dessert or a snack.

chocolate charcuterie board

Chocolate boards are becoming increasingly popular due to their visual appeal, ease of preparation, and shareability. Chocolate boards are visually appealing, with a variety of different sweets arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The combination of different textures, colors, and shapes creates an eye-catching display that is sure to impress. Unlike traditional charcuterie boards, which can require a lot of preparation and planning, a chocolate board can be easily assembled and doesn't require any cooking. This makes it a convenient option for entertaining guests or for a sweet snack. Chocolate boards are meant to be shared, making them a great option for parties, events, or simply for spending time with friends and family. They provide a fun and interactive way to enjoy sweets together.

Chocolate Board

What to include in your chocolate board is completely your choice, but this show’s main star is chocolate.  Whether domestic or imported, there are many chocolates to choose from.  You have many wonderful options from popular American brand Hershey’s for their classic Kisses, M&Ms for a burst of color, or Ghirardelli for high-quality chocolates. Many European chocolates are popular such as the Swiss chocolate Lindt with its delicious varieties of Lindor chocolates, Milka from Germany with its creamy chocolates, or Belgium’s Godiva which offers a variety of gourmet chocolates. And of course, you can always visit RudiGourmand for a selection of international chocolates.

chocolate charcuterie boards

Smaller, regional, and local chocolate producers also offer amazing options for your chocolate boards.  Some of our favorites are:

Roger’s Chocolates - originally from Victoria, B.C., Canada, Roger’s offers mouth-watering chocolates including truffles, chocolate bars, and baking chips.  Tip- the Victoria Creams are a must!

Schokocompany – located in the famous Naschmarkt in Vienna, Austria, this adorable chocolate shop sells a large selection of Zotter chocolates, known worldwide for their unique flavors and fair-trade chocolate.

Le Chocolat des Francais- delicious French chocolates with a funky and Parisian packaging twist. These high-quality chocolates are as tasty as they are fun to look at.

J.P. Paci Chocolatier – located in Nice and Cannes, France, this chocolatier offers fine quality chocolates made with passion. Take a look at their hand-crafted and decadent chocolate purses and shoes.

Chocolate Boards 2023

Chocolate boards offer a fun and delicious way to enjoy a variety of sweets in a visually appealing way. Their popularity can be attributed to their convenience, versatility, and shareability. A chocolate board can be a fun and creative way to entertain guests or to enjoy with family and friends.

If you are unable to globetrot for chocolates right now, make sure to visit RudiGourmand for delicious chocolates and other scrumptious international foods. And if you are importing/exporting chocolate, make sure to sign up for PriorNotify to automate your US FDA import paperwork.