The Culinary Kaleidoscope of Hong Kong:
A Foodie's Paradise

Hong Kong, a vibrant city where East and West collide, is not merely a center for international finance; it's also a haven for foodies. The city offers a cornucopia of delectable foods that will tempt your taste buds, with a rich culinary legacy inspired by Cantonese, British, and foreign influences. Let’s take a gastronomic tour of the delicious delicacies you can discover in this thriving metropolis.

Dim Sum - A staple of Hong Kong's culinary tradition is dim sum, a selection of bite-sized Cantonese dishes. Enjoy traditional dishes like custard tarts, barbeque pig buns, shrimp har gow, and steamed dumplings. Enjoy them in a crowded dim sum restaurant or a classic teahouse. Don’t miss out on traditional Yum Cha, dim sum with tea. No matter where or when you experience dim sum, you are sure to enjoy these delectable little treats.

Street Food - Food vendors selling a range of street delicacies provide life to Hong Kong's busy streets. Take a bite of the renowned Eggettes, also called egg waffles and bubble waffles, which are created with a batter that produces crispy, golden bubbles. Additionally available from street vendors are fish balls, stinky tofu (yes, it does have a strong odor), and Cheung Fun (chewy rice noodle rolls served with sauce). Not only are these street foods amazingly delicious, but also a bite of the local Hong Kong culture.

Wonton Noodle Soup: The wonton noodle soup from Hong Kong is legendary. Springy egg noodles are tossed in a fragrant broth and served with plump shrimp or pork wontons in this straightforward yet hearty dish. Local noodle shops all across the city sell this delicious comfort dish.  It’s a must-try dish, even on a typical warm and muggy day in Hong Kong.

Roasted Meats - Char siu (barbecue pig), siu yuk (crispy roast pork belly), and roast duck are just a few of Hong Kong's delectable roast meat specialties. Inviting you to indulge in their mouthwatering fragrances and flavors, these meats are frequently presented in restaurant windows.  You cannot walk down a street in Hong Kong without seeing a restaurant displaying roast duck in the window!

Seafood - Hong Kong has an abundance of fresh seafood thanks to its location along the South China Sea. For a seafood feast, visit bustling fishing communities like Sai Kung or So Kwun Wat. Choose live seafood from tanks and have it cooked at the neighboring restaurant in various mouthwatering ways, such as fried with black bean sauce or steamed with garlic. Another fabulous option is fishball soup, a noodle soup with white-colored balls containing fish, which you can find all over Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Style Diners -Known as cha chaan tengs, Hong Kong's distinctive and charming eateries serve a fusion of Western and Chinese cuisine at reasonable prices. Try the delicious Hong Kong-style deep-fried peanut butter French toast. It is drizzled with sweet, condensed milk syrup. Don't forget to try the famed, robust, and creamy black tea known as the Hong Kong Milk Tea and the “Pineapple” Buns, known locally as boh loh baau.

Hot Pot – Hot Pot is all about being together. A large metal pot of broth is placed in the center of the dining table into which diners add raw Chinese ingredients to be cooked and eaten. Ingredients include noodles, vegetables, seafood, meats, tofu and spices.  A warming device is under the pot keeping the broth and its ingredients simmering during the meal.

One fun and affordable hot pot is the restaurant chain HaiDiLao which has locations in Asia and a few in the United States. If you visit HaiDiLao, make sure to watch the dramatic noodle dance. We also really enjoyed Budaoweng Hot Pot located in Kowloon’s iSquare tower mall.  Not only is the food delicious, but the views of Hong Kong are amazing.

Upscale Dining - Hong Kong is home to some of the most recognized Michelin-starred restaurants in the entire globe. At restaurants like Tim Ho Wan, renowned for their inexpensive dim sum, or Lung King Heen, the world's first three-star (two-star as of 2023) Michelin Cantonese restaurant, indulge in culinary expertise. One of our favorites is Chesa, the only Swiss restaurant in Hong Kong, located in the iconic Peninsula Hong Kong.

The vibrant and diverse cuisine scene in Hong Kong reflects the city's long history and wide range of cultural influences. The gastronomic kaleidoscope that is Hong Kong will enthrall you whether you're eating inexpensive street cuisine or fine dining at a Michelin-starred establishment. A gourmet journey through the streets of this dynamic city can be done by embracing your inner foodie!

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