The Naschmarkt: Vienna's Must-Visit Market

Naschmarkt 2024

When you think of Vienna, Austria, amazing images come to mind: majestic pastel buildings, grand operas and formal winter balls, classic coffee houses, and of course, delicious food.

If food first entered your mind, you must visit Vienna’s Naschmarkt, Vienna’s largest outdoor market operating since the 16th century. Not only will it not leave you hungry, but it’s a great place to soak up the culture and vibe of Vienna.

Naschmarkt Vienna

The Naschmarkt offers over 100 vendors selling delicious food ranging from Austrian vinegars to Turkish sweets to locally grown produce.  You can also find popular locally crafted spices, Austrian cheeses and even fresh fish.

The Naschmarkt is popular with locals and tourists alike.  You will find both perusing the vendors’ culinary delights and enjoying the restaurants peppered throughout the market. On Saturday mornings, you can even shop the attached flea market (Flohmarkt in German). 


Located near the intersection of the Innere Stadt, Mariahilf and Wieden districts, the Naschmarkt is conveniently located.  It is between Linke Wienzeile and Rechte Wienzeile (left and right Wienzeile) streets, and very easily accessible by foot and public transit.  For subway access, the U4 subway line will take you to Kettenbrueckengasse Station and the U1, U2 and U4 will take you to Karlsplatz Station.


The streets around the Naschmarkt can be complicated and parking can be difficult to find, so public transit, taxi/Uber, or walking are your best options.

NaschmarktNaschmarkt Vienna

The Naschmarkt was previously referred to as the Aschenmarkt, the Ash Market.  However, in the early 19th century, it was more commonly referred to as the Naschmarkt which has stuck through present day. It is believed that this name was given in reference to the sweet and exotic culinary treats sold as the German verb naschen translates to eat sweets in English, and markt means market.

Naschmarkt 2023

The Naschmarkt is open Monday through Saturday (Note: not Sundays!).  Monday through Friday, it is open from 6am until 9pm, and Saturday from 6am to 6pm. Restaurants and cafes are open from 6am until 11pm Monday through Saturday. During the popular tourist seasons, the Naschmarkt can get quite crowded.  Visiting the Naschmarkt early or later in the day may give you some space from the crowds.


Shops that we enjoyed:

  • Gegenbauer- Very friendly and welcoming seller of locally produced, handcrafted vinegars and oils. Their cozy wood shop transports you to the countryside of Austria.
  • Kaesehuette- Beautiful stand selling a wide selection of cheeses. The staff is also very helpful.
  • Schokocompany- If you like chocolate, you must visit this alluring shop. Not only does it sell adorably packaged and delicious chocolate, but ice cream which is refreshing on a hot day.

Other information and tips:

- While many vendors speak English, brush up on some polite German phrases such as:

  • Hello = Hallo or Gruess gott (a Southern German and Austrian greeting)
  • Do you speak English? = Sprechen Sie Englisch?
  • How much does this cost? = Wieviel kostet das?
  • Please = Bitte
  • Thank you = Danke Schoen

- While most vendors in the Naschmarkt take credit cards, we recommend bringing some cash for smaller vendors, modest purchases and items found in the flea market.  You don’t want to miss out on that unique Austrian vase you fell in love with because you didn’t stop at the ATM.

- During the summer months, while there are public fountains, we recommend bringing a bottle of water or stopping at one of the many restaurants for something cool to drink.

- If you need to use the restrooms (W.C. in German), be prepared to pay 0.50 euro at the public restroom.

- You will see many dogs accompanying their humans on Naschmarkt shopping trips.  Most are well-behaved and all are on leash.

For additional sites to visit close to the Naschmarkt, consider visiting:

Naschmarkt Vienna
  • Karlskirche – a stunning Baroque cathedral from the 18th century surrounded by a lively park
  • Mariahilfer Strasse- the longest shopping street in Vienna measuring 1.8 kilometers with plenty of unique and chain stores, coffee shops and restaurants
  • Theater an der Wien- a grand theater in the Mariahilf district offering theater, opera and symphony performances

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