The Gift of Chocolate

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Chocolate is an excellent gift for someone special in your life. While a classic gift for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and Christmas, chocolate is a wonderful gift for other occasions such as birthdays, a celebration or just because.

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Many people who eat chocolate enjoy a wide range of types, from popular brands you can find at your local supermarket to gourmet varieties found at boutique shops and online shops such as RudiGourmand. Chocolate also has many flavors and fillings, from cremes to clusters to nuts. Knowing your recipient’s chocolate-preference is important, so observe what chocolate they typically eat and their overall eating preferences.

For instance, if your recipient is a healthier eater, consider combining chocolate with fruit or nuts. Chocolate-covered fruit and nuts are colorful and healthy snacks loved by many. What’s wonderful, too, is that making chocolate-covered fruits and nuts can be easily done at home to create a loving homemade gift.

While taste is very important, the presentation itself can be the showstopper. An attractive box in a whimsical shape, wrapped in gold foil, or emblazoned in hearts can be almost as important as the chocolate inside.

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You can also jazz up your chocolate gift in your own unique creative way. A fun idea is to have a theme to your chocolate gift. For instance, for the sports fan in your life, buy a football helmet and fill it with chocolates shaped as footballs.

Another idea is if a friend or family member loves dogs, buy dog-shaped chocolates, or a dog dish and fill it with chocolate candy. Just make sure to advise your recipient of the chocolate contents as chocolate can make pets very ill.


Marveling at creative and thoughtful chocolate gifts is part of the enjoyment your friends and loved ones will appreciate when they receive your gift. And just as we are thoughtful when selecting chocolates for our friends and loved ones, make sure to gift yourself chocolate, too! You deserve it!