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For generations, nougat has enticed people's palates around the globe. Nougat is a dessert that crosses borders due to its nutty undertones and sweet, chewy texture. Let's take a delicious journey around the world of nougat, including its intriguing history, the available varieties, and the nations that produce this delicious confection. 


Nougat's History: A Delightful Trip Through Time

Nougat is one of the world's oldest desserts, with roots that extend back to ancient civilizations. Its continuing attractiveness is highlighted by the mythology and folklore surrounding its history. Food scholars place its invention in the Middle East around the eighth century. Early recipes for a version of nougat, called natif, have been found in Baghdad that date back to the 10th century. From the Middle East, nougat spread to Italy and Spain in the 15th century and then in the 17th century on to France. Through the passing of time and locations, nougat has changed to accommodate local ingredients and tastes.

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Interesting and Fun Facts

Nougat is not only sweet and delicious, but interesting as well. Here are a few fun facts:

Nougat Candy


Global Production of Nougat

Around the world, nougat has made its way into many civilizations, each of which has added its special touch to this delectable treat.  Let’s take a look at several countries’ versions of nougat:

France - The country is well-known for its Montélimar nougat, a sweet treat perfumed with lavender honey and topped with pistachios and almonds. It is a specialty of Provence and a common treat for Christmas.

Italy - During festivities and festivals, torrone is a must in Italy. Regional variations exist, with some combining flavors like chocolate or citrus.

Nougat Candy

Spain - Nougat in Spain, turron, is a Christmas staple, especially in the Catalan region where the dish is especially well-known. Spain accommodates a range of tastes by providing both hard and soft types.

Middle East - Nougat-like confections are widely available in the Middle East; they are frequently flavored with flower waters and contain pistachios or almonds. Persian nougat is called gaz. The Iraqi version is Mann Al Sama, which translates to Manna from Heaven. Another Persian nougat-fudge treat is halvah which is made with sesame seed tahini paste.

China - Chinese nougat has become more and more popular in China, particularly during the Chinese New Year. Chinese nougat is usually chopped into bite-sized pieces for easier sharing, and it can contain melon seeds. You can also find a popular mass-produced milk version called White Rabbit.

United States - Nougat in the United States is frequently fluffy and used in candy bars such as Milky Way or Three Musketeers, giving them a soft, chewy texture.

What is nougat candy


Nougat's enduring appeal is demonstrated by its voyage across nations and through time. Nougat is an indulgence that brings people together, whether they enjoy the traditional French Montélimar, the crisp Italian torrone, or the many regional versions found all over the world.

Savor the scents and delectable sweetness of nougat as well as the intricate web of customs and legends that have molded this well-liked dessert over time.

What is nougat

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